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Hey, guys I won't be making Flashes for a while cuz my computer broke, and I don't have Flash on my laptop so yeah... nothing will be posted till it is fixed.

I won't be making Flashes for a while

Pointless Puzzle Game

2011-01-13 16:01:51 by alextheawesome99

Wazzup everyone! I made my 1st Flash game :)

It is called Pointless Puzzle Game (PPG for short) and it is a compilation of a bunch of random and stupid puzzles along with some secret ones!!! Since I am in a good mood today, I will tell you were the secret
ones are.

Secret Level 1 - Click ZOMG at the menu screen
Secret Level 2 - Click the left arrow on the screen after level 2

Play the game here:

Pointless Puzzle Game

I am making a Flash puzzle game it is just a bunch of random and stupid puzzles (along with some secret ones!!!) put into one game and it will be awesome! :D


I'm working on a flash game!

Hey guys, I have a big project at school were I have to do a report on a dead famous person and I picked Thomas Edison so I have to read a biography of him and do 2 projects. It will take me about 2 weeks to read the book and I can do the projects with no problem. So I probably wont be posting anything for about 2 weeks.

Wont be posting animations for about 2 weeks.